A Startup With Old-School Values


If there’s one thing that startups are famous for (other than scrappy young founders and mild California weather), it’s selling their product after they’ve only built out 80% of its functionality.

Should you care about the remaining 20%? Here are a couple of scenarios to help you decide. Imagine an airline delivering you 80% of the way to the landing strip (or even worse, imagine flying on a plane that’s 80% complete). Next, imagine your favorite team announcing their commitment to play at 80% effort in the upcoming game (FYI, it’s game seven in the World Series). One of these scenarios is extraordinarily dangerous and the other… frustratingly illogical. So, do you care about the remaining 20%? Recurrency does.

When our team set out to build an automated platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, we made a promise: Until our product is 100% ready for market, we won’t sell. No cutting corners or half-written code. We took the time needed to build to completion because a good company’s product doesn’t force its customers to shut down.

80% Is Bad for Both of Us

While the two scenarios we introduced are hopefully unlikely to come to fruition, they help illustrate the consequences of a premature product launch. The problem with building a product only to 80% before declaring it ready for rollout is that practice becomes a mindset. An infectious “it’s good enough” philosophy becomes the adopted business-standard. If less than 100% is acceptable, employees set their maximum productivity to 80%. Company reports, internal meetings, and all daily tasks result in B-level work (and not even a solid B).

In turn, Recurrency is run by smart, intellectually curious, and driven individuals. We don’t accept Bs. We just happen to be the students who annoyed the rest of the class by setting the curve high (we’re sorry about that).

Here’s the other part of selling mediocrity: your business most likely won’t last and a startup definitely won’t last. How would it be possible to finish the lingering 20% once the product is in use? Instead, time is spent chaotically seeking additional resources to help fix sub-par code and figuring out why the product doesn’t function as promised. And the customer? Their time is spent questioning the startup and explaining to their boss that “these things happen” and “80% is the norm.” From the beginning, we knew we weren’t going to run Recurrency like this. And that was not a hard decision for us.

The Recurrency Way

Instead of calls from users detailing disasters and countless product issues, we receive customer success stories. They share that they wished they could tell their “past selves” to call us sooner. They say they’re 100% — not 80% — pleased. We don’t take these stories for granted, and we don’t pretend the startup world is as easy as selling lemonade (which we also did as kids). Even then we didn’t sell anyone just a lemon (we know business).

With Recurrency, you’ll never have to wonder what you’ll get. Our ERP integration is 100% ready when you are. Here are just a few features you can expect: lightning-fast user experience fueled by an artificial intelligence layer that provides automated workflows and smart business recommendations. Not enough? You also get improved profitability. By using Dynamic Pricing and Recommended Upsells, Recurrency produces accurate quotes and generates customer loyalty. Our Customer Reorder Prediction feature goes even further by ensuring that your sales team never misses out on a potential sale. On the purchasing side, Recurrency’s Demand Forecasting fights stockouts and reduces overstock by keeping its eye on the future while you focus on the day at hand. Most importantly, all these features are fully built. A-level work, naturally. We don’t settle for anything less, and neither should you.

Let Recurrency boost your ERP and show you that you’re better than 80%. When it comes to ERPs, we’re all in.

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