Use Cases
Dare To Do Things Differently: Breaking Free with Your ERP


Is that Upgrade Worth It?

There’s that one spot in your house, the one that refuses to stay clean. The one that inexplicably amasses toys, and crumpled receipts you may need later. You walk past it, “I should really do something about this.” The dog barks and the thought dissipates. 

The corner collects more: lone socks and frayed charging cables you might one day salvage. It’s getting out of hand. “I’ve got to fix this.” Your kid cries and you hurry off. 

“Daddy, where’s my jump rope?” After a gentle scolding relaying the importance of taking care of your own toys, you sheepishly recall tossing it in the clutter corner. That night, you order a storage cabinet online. It’s beautiful. The corner is going to be beautiful.

You await its delivery and meanwhile, the pile grows, but that’s okay. Soon, everything will have a home and your corner will be returned. The dog’s bark alerts you to the arrival of the delivery driver. “Good boy,” you pat his head.

The Solution Arrives

You open the door and sitting at your feet is a heavy, large flatbox. “Honey, can you help me get this inside?” Together, you drag it to the corner. You open the box and out tumbles what can only be a short novel. Upon further inspection, you realize it’s the instructions. 

There are approximately 403 pieces. Two have been damaged. One is missing. You’ve got this. Carefully, you sort all the pieces. You pick up the instruction manual and get to work. Four hours later, you’ve made little to no progress. It’s time for dinner. You’ll come back later. 

Later comes. You fumble to make progress. You’re on page 7 of 92. Yikes. In a long exhale, you take in the scene around you. It’s just not worth it. It’s your kid’s bath time. Maybe you’ll come back later.

Later never comes.

Living With the Problem

When solutions are more complicated than the problems they solve, many of us are content to live with the problem. 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were introduced to help businesses organize and manage core processes. While ERPs do offer many solutions, they often create more problems than they solve. Legacy ERPs are antiquated and inefficient. Their finicky and cumbersome software rarely functions as expected. Much like the clutter corner in your house, ERPs hoard junk. Between unfiltered data, broken algorithms, and outdated software, successful business owners eventually question, “is it worth it?”

Unless you wish to be forever married to your ERP, it’s not worth it.

Simple Solutions

Keeping your ERP running smoothly requires regular service updates, manual data entry, hefty maintenance fees, and never-ending training. For software designed to help businesses run more efficiently, it’s wildly inefficient. 

Recurrency took note of the many problems caused by ERPs and fortunately, we’re not content to live with them. Our ERP integration offers simple solutions that optimize productivity with automated workflows.  

Gone are the days of costly, drawn-out IT projects.
Gone are the days of manual data entry.
Gone are the days of training upkeep.

From start to finish, Recurrency handles everything. We’ve created software that works so seamlessly with your legacy ERP, the integration process takes less than a day. Our team provides full training, tailored to your specific needs. 

Ditch the Clutter

As is, your ERP software is old and slow. Recurrency modernizes your ERP by bringing it up to speed through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). As a data-first platform, we collect, clean, and analyze your existing data. Remember the clutter corner? With Recurrency’s AI, the corner will organize itself. 

We’ve built a multi-faceted tool to automate legacy ERPs. Automation allows you to take a backseat while maintaining full confidence that your business is functioning at optimal efficiency. With Recurrency, your sales team can produce quotes faster, upsell items with ease, and capture repeat sales. Your purchasing team can set better prices, prevent stockouts, and streamline the procurement process. Your operations team can produce AI-driven insights, automate data entry, and easily track tasks. Meanwhile, your IT team can sit back, relax, and trust Recurrency to get the job done. With Recurrency, you benefit from all the features and none of the clutter.

The Secret Is Out

Distributors have long grappled with the pros and cons of ERPs. Abandoning it altogether is simply not a viable option (although many legacy ERP users which it was). When the accumulation of problems caused by an ERP begin to outweigh its benefits, businesses may float the idea of replacing it with a new ERP system. The idea is promptly discarded when taking into account the financial investment, level of training, and amount of IT planning required. Instead of replacing your ERP or living with its problems, simply integrate with Recurrency

Our robust collection of AI-powered tools assumes the heavy lifting. Processes that once served as the source of frustration are now celebrated. Recurrency’s job is not only to automate your ERP but to simplify your life. Spearheaded by a team composed of the world’s leading data scientists and skilled engineers, our easy-to-use platform does just that:

You guys seem to be really good at making complex things really simple.

—VP of Operations
Industrial Fabrics Distributor

The secret is out. Even more, we don’t just seem to be good at making complex things simple, we are good at making complex things simple. 

Dare to Do Things Differently

It’s time to clear the clutter. Recurrency doesn’t live with problems. We solve them. Our intuitive dashboard, combined with our comprehensive training, sets you up for a bright future. The ease of navigating our platform relieves you from the pressure of single-handedly educating new hires on how to operate your legacy ERP. When it’s time to transition, Recurrency lets you do so with peace of mind. If you ever want to check in, our beautiful, web-based platform can be used on any device—from any location (even off the cost of your vacation home in Málaga). 

Dare to do things differently and break free with your ERP. 

(P.S. We’ve cleaned up the clutter in your ERP but before you off head to Málaga, you may want to make a pitstop at home…someone left quite the mess.)