How Features Are Made at Recurrency


Legacy ERP companies are software vendors, not software builders. Their goal is to sell you a product. After that, their job is done. Recurrency is the antithesis of this sales model. Our job, or at least our favorite job, happens after you partner with us. That’s when we build, test, improve, refactor, and rebuild so that every feature meets your needs. It’s a process unique to Recurrency, and we’re proud of it. So, let’s talk about it.

Shiny new features

The Recurrency platform has a lot of features. There are our shiny ones: Dynamic Pricing, Customer Reorder Prediction, Upselling, and Demand Forecasting. These features will catch your eye. And they should: we designed them to. Your current ERP doesn’t work to make you money and these four features do. But we’ve got other features that you’ll quickly appreciate, like our search function. It may sound ordinary, but ask your sales rep if they can search products within their inventory within milliseconds. Nine times out of ten, you’ll see them laugh. “Search?,” they’ll say. “I waste my life waiting for search.” It’s not the flashiest feature, but typo-tolerant instant search will improve your quality of life. Our search frees you from ordering a stress ball off Amazon and lets you say goodbye to buffering pages.

These tools are solutions we set out to build when Recurrency was founded. We saw a supply-chain industry that was held back by ERPs that refused to innovate, not because they didn’t have the time or money, but because innovation was and remains outside their immediate financial interest.

Developing Recurrency

Our team likes hard problems; they mix well with our insurmountable work ethic. We dreamed up an automated platform that seamlessly integrates with a company’s legacy ERP and uses machine learning algorithms to transform a good business into a great business. This platform would have tools that could make intelligent business recommendations from sales to purchasing, protecting your margins and shielding your bottom lines. Sure, it was a big dream. One that, to us, was attainable. Today, Recurrency is that dream. Sure, we’ve got new users and companies on the platform every week but that doesn’t slow us down or stop us from innovating. Beautiful suits need to be tailored (and occasionally refitted) because every body type is slightly different. Recurrency is that suit and we want to make sure every edge and groove hug your business perfectly, to keep you looking your personal best.

Onboarding and customer support

Implementing Recurrency takes less than one day. Full stop. But that’s not the last time you hear from us. Our Recurrency team likes to check in with our users. We want to know what you like and dislike. Why? Because we’ll fix what you don’t like in real time. We’ll even tell you what we’re planning on building so you can help us make it better. Have an idea about a feature you’re using? Let us know and we’ll get your idea in our next round of updates. In our last engineering sprint (a two week window with our engineers focused around one issue) we closed around 80 customer requests. Responsiveness, flexibility, and drive are the core values here.

Building new features — based on feedback

Just last week we had a user explain to us that he had two large inventory sites so he had to click on each individual product shown on his Recurrency inventory page to know where it was. This made transferring products tedious. “No problem,” we told him. Within a few days we updated his Recurrency inventory page to include geographic filters. To say he was pleased would be an understatement. Removing that extra small step in his day may seem like a miniscule advancement, but the way we see it is this: the small things are the big things. He probably had to click on hundreds of products a day just to check where they were. A product inefficiency like that doesn’t fly with our engineering team.

Another time a user explained to us that he mainly uses the quote flow on his phone, because he works on the go. At the time we were considering making the flow more complex but, based on his feedback, we made a 180 and focused on simplifying the quote flow for mobile devices. Both our desktop and mobile users responded with positive feedback. Oh, we love feedback.

The Recurrency team looks forward to calls from customers detailing their successes and triumphs. We enjoy building features so that we get messages saying, “love the new update.” However, we also want to hear about what isn’t working. Some companies may believe their product is perfect and doesn’t need fixing (you might even be using their products as your ERP). That’s not our ethic. Tell us where the heartburns are, and we won’t turn the lights off until we can send you an email with good news.

Success through iteration

Exciting light bulb moments are not the goals during Recurrency product meetings. Yes, that would make a good story, but we’re much more focused on continuous improvement. Our building process is iterative. We build updates, give it to users, receive and dissect responses, and then build again. This process is the one that wins the long game and that’s the only game we’re interested in playing.

Recurrency is a unique company. Our drive for unusually good customer service and customer communication mixed with a genuine love of building quality software is what makes us a rare suit. So why don’t you get a fitting room, try us on, and we’ll make sure every stitch flatters you. If you like, tell your friends who you’re wearing.

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