Not your Father’s ERP


We all know the saying “time is money.” I remember sitting in my first finance class and learning about the Rule of 72 and compound interest; sure, I wish I had socked a little more away in those early years. In today’s business climate, we don’t have the luxury to wait years for our business to grow. If time is truly money, then in business every hour and every day counts — a lot. And if we’re smart about how we invest that hour — and that day — then we have an edge over our competition.

Don’t say goodbye to your business

So how do you protect your business’ time and invest it wisely? You already know that focusing on your costs and hiring good people can be your competitive advantage. Building your infrastructure matters, too, and you’d be wise to look at how your business serves up its information and especially its ERP. It’s like your father always told you about buying quality: spending years revamping your ERP system is not a quality time investment. You can get it right by investing in that quality the first time or you can say goodbye to your business while you spend years rebuilding the engine.

Onboard in less than a day

You already know what you have to do: get your ERP right so you can unleash the rest of your attention on your costs and capital projects. That’s why we designed Recurrency so that you can be onboarded in less than one day. We want you to use our product and we want to make it easy for you to do so. There are no secret gotchas or hidden agendas. Recurrency was specifically designed to be an ERP extension so that it could be backwards compatible and integrated into your legacy ERP system. Time is money and we are not going to nickel and dime yours.

With Recurrency you can have all the data of your current ERP with the innovative features of Dynamic Pricing and Predictive Forecasting. Determined engineers have created machine learning algorithms that make your system work for you. Data is no longer just inputted into your system for reference but mined and used by Reccurency to churn out accurate business practice recommendations. Never question a sales quote again with Recurrency. The software will use thousands of public and private datasets to make sure you are asking for the perfect price. Help your purchasing teams get extra sleep at night by taking away their fears of overstock and stockouts. Recurrency will make sure you’re buying exactly what you need when you need it. No more, no less.

Solve your problems without switching ERPs

We know: it’s a difficult decision to switch investments and sometimes it’s easier to stay put. The reason is that in many cases switching ERPs takes time, which again, equals money. It’s a hassle and worse, an expensive one. Licensing fees, consulting fees, training, and more all result in sticker shock. An ERP company can make tens of millions of dollars on just one business’ implementation. The problem here is that companies like SAP and Epicor may not have an incentive to save you time. Your time is their money.

With Recurrency as your ERP extension you won’t get stuck with all the hidden expenses that usually go along with deciding to bite the bullet and update. You won’t worry about down time and complicated integration (remember, we are backwards compatible and up and running in less than one day), and you won’t have to call an endless series of team meetings with a countdown to implementation that looks like you’re gearing up for the next Y2K. No wonder companies are reluctant to do what they know is needed. Sometimes it’s easier to keep living on borrowed time.

Recurrency is not, thankfully, your father’s automobile, but it does take to heart your father’s advice about investing in quality and getting it right the first time. Whether you’re a small family business or a Fortune 500, a rocky ERP update is not easy to recover from. Revlon and Haribo both faced major revenue loss due to bad ERP implementations in 2019. It’s 2021 and some companies are still not making it any easier even though these are (allegedly) B2B software companies with decades of practice selling and selling — and selling.

Recurrency cares about what you’re buying. There aren’t enough minutes in the day to explain why you’re updating your ERP even though everyone knows it should have been done a long time ago. So give us one day. Use the rest of your days — and hopefully years — running the engine and letting Recurrency worry about the maintenance, and for the first time ever enjoy letting your ERP help drive your business. Then go fire up the Oldsmobile and take Dad for a spin.