Why a Powerful Tool Translates to a Powerful Team


Team Morale Starts at Software

The best basketball team can’t play well with a deflated ball. Just like a great actor can only do so much with a bad script. Tools are important and bad ones can set up your best employee for failure. It’s time to look at your team and ask yourself: Did I give them the right tools? 

A Bad Toolkit 

There are lots of different resources your team is going to need. Everything from morning coffee to up-to-date computers are going to keep your business running smoothly. However, the software you run your company on is one of your most important decisions. There is a long list of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) options and almost all of them can let your team down. That’s not because you’re buying the wrong ERP. No, the problem is that ERP companies do not update their product. You may be using clunky software, not because you bought an old model, but because your ERP provider is dragging its feet on meaningful innovations. Unfortunately, this is out of your hands. 

You could make the decision to switch ERPs and hope for a better product. Maybe to one that has a typo-tolerant search feature and AI recommendations…oh, wait, those aren’t ERP features. If you go down that road and decide to switch, then count on lots of traffic and pay tolls. ERP implementation takes 6-12 months and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you’re lucky, the expensive maintenance costs (that are on top of the implementation costs) will actually get you some useful updates, though I wouldn’t hold your breath.

A New Tool 

Your sales team should love making orders just as much as they love talking to customers. Just like your purchasing team shouldn’t dread opening their laptops to organize purchasing orders. A large part of a team’s productivity starts at the foundational level of the software they use. So make it good.

Recurrency is an automated platform for your ERP that optimizes workflows, increases profitability, and improves your employee’s work experience. With features like Dynamic Pricing and Recommended Upsells, your sales team is never going to second guess a quote again. They’ll even be able to do it in one minute. The Customer Reorder Prediction feature also works to make sure no sales are lost. Don’t worry, the Recurrency team didn’t forget about your purchasers. Demand Forecasting makes overstocks and stockouts a thing of the past. Recurrency has many features but these are some of our favorites. Pretty soon, you’ll have your own favorites, too. 

An Excited Company 

It’s time for your employees to switch from complaining about your ERP at holiday parties to bragging about their sportscar-fast software. If you’re worried about Recurrency’s implementation, don’t be. We designed our software to implement in under forty-eight hours. We want to set you up for success just like you want to set up your employees to succeed. So, let’s get them their new toolkit. Tell them it doesn’t require a stress-ball.

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