Price Optimization: Finding the Perfect Price


We naturally look to constants — like the North Star — to give us stability during rocky times. Maybe it’s returning to a favorite song or book or, as in my case, maybe it’s Whiskey. More on that later.

Unstable supply chains require reliable pricing

The unstable supply chain has made it nigh impossible to count on reliable prices. Whether filling your gas tank or buying lumber for a construction project, prices are volatile. It’s no fun for a customer to feel jerked around on price; they start to think it’s a losing game. We respect our customers, and yours too, which is why Recurrency’s Dynamic Pricing feature is different. We prompt you with prices that follow industry trends while also adhering to your company’s pricing rules. We optimize pricing for you while at the same time setting you up for the golden ticket: long-term customer relationships.

How do we do it? Recurrency works to determine exactly how much your customer is willing to pay. We find the magic number in data — lots of it. Recurrency ingests billions of public and private data points, leveraging more information that the mind can hold to perform calculations the mind simply can’t. It’ll find every hidden pattern and solve all the riddles in your data. Plus, there’s no need to worry about transferring data into Recurrency as our software is fully backwards compatible with your existing ERP. In other words, Recurrency is the answer to the question you’ve been asking: what the heck is the perfect price?

You’re in control

There is so much nuance in pricing: jobs and contracts, most favored customer clauses, government pricing rules, quantity breaks, discount groups –– lions and tigers and bears, too! For the sales team, understanding the market landscape while keeping endless nuance in mind is an impossible task. That’s why Recurrency is built to keep you in the driver’s seat; our system is built to fully integrate and enforce your existing pricing logic, as well as give you powerful tools to improve it.

But we’re not just number crunchers. Because we rely on your data, we also make sure to sanitize it. Traditional ERP systems have data clogged with errors and information that’s as out-of-date as yesterday’s weather. Garbage in — well, you know. Our machine learning algorithms and data science won’t work without trustworthy data. So we clean it thoroughly. Leave this part to us; we like dealing with a mess. How do we clean it? We auto-detect duplicates, merging records where we can, and we also auto-categorize outliers, reducing their influence in key calculations.

One minute quotes

Now, what’s better than optimal pricing? Answer: optimal pricing fast! At Recurrency, our philosophy is that data intelligence is only valuable if it’s easy to use in a business process. That’s why pricing is tightly coupled with your quoting and ordering workflow: carefully designed to give you optimal efficiency. Ever hit all the green lights on the way home? It feels like that, only in the fast lane. With typo-tolerant instant search and parallelized price validation, making a hundred line-item quote can take under a minute in Recurrency. (Yeah, we know.) On the go? Make the quote on your mobile device! Then hit the road and leave your pricing worries behind.

All businesses, from small to midsize to Fortune 500, can benefit from Dynamic Pricing, and we’re excited and grateful that more are partnering with us every day. With Recurrency, these businesses are able to breathe again. They have confidence in their ability to set the right prices to increase revenue and improve margins.

Back to my Whiskey. The reliable pooch is waiting for me and she’s wagging her tail like clockwork. Book a demo today and download our white paper to learn more about our Price Optimization feature.