Recurrency Optimizes your Operations Team


A good operations team is critical to your business. While juggling lots of different hats, these are the people who show up first to put out fires and leave meetings last. Balancing day-to-day management, service, finance, HR, business strategy, and whatever else lands in their inbox is no small feat. Don’t make your operations team struggle with software too.

Recurrency makes daily scavenger hunts (or wild goose chases) for singular pieces of data a thing of the past. The sun has set on the days of switching between platforms, lost spreadsheets, and scribbled handwritten notes. It’s a new morning with Recurrency.

Everything at a glance

Managers need a bird’s eye view from the top of the mountain, but they don’t always have the time to climb up there. Recurrency gives you a lift. As soon as you log into Recurrency you’re greeted with all the information you need for the day. Your new landing dashboard holds metrics like Revenue YoY and Gross Margin YoY, providing business analysis at a glance. Sales and gross margin percentage for different (and customizable) periods are all organized and available for quick checks throughout the day. With Recurrency on your side, you’ll be seeing how far ahead you are from where you started.

Your dashboard can also be personalized. Let us know what you need to see every day and we’ll make sure it’s front and center. Unusually good customer service is the norm for the Recurrency team.

One source

Your ERP should be your single source of truth. However, the time suck of digging through endless pages, forms, or tabs to find what you need can kill the day. Competing sources of information can only confuse a business.

Let’s be honest: we dread lost time. Even worse is lost time that can’t be recovered. Before Recurrency, checking up on your business meant spending precious time compiling comparative data from different platforms and spreadsheets. One screen over are ten emails in your inbox that need attention and fires that need to be extinguished. But with Recurrency? We’re fully integrated with your ERP, so all the data you need is organized in one place. You’ll have a single source for checking your business’ pulse.

Say goodbye to typos

No one likes data entry. It’s a tedious process and it usually results in overlooked typos that hurt data reports in the long run – is there an extra zero on that purchase order? What’s that extra period doing in that contact’s email?

Recurrency can copy and paste any field into a spreadsheet. That’s not all. The data inputted into Recurrency is always cleaned. By finding duplicates, synthesizing records, and auto-categorizing outliers to reduce their influence in key calculations, Recurrency is able to help keep your workbook spotless. You’re confident every data comparison was made with clean gloves and without contamination.

A long to-do list

Your team is often racing from one job to the next and it can be hard to keep track of what’s done and what’s not. Let’s simplify things and bring order to the chaos. Recurrency’s built-in task management system helps you streamline the most turbulent days. No more stacks of hastily scribbled notes or post-its, no more random emails floating in the inbox. Tasks in Recurrency are assignable, and integrate with your email client as well, so those reminders and notifications are already where you’re working. Optimize your productivity and get home earlier.

How about tomorrow?

The last thing your IT team needs to worry about is another six-to-twelve month integration process. So don’t.

Most Recurrency integrations are completed in less than 48 hours. That’s right, two (two!) days or less and you’re up and running. We designed a platform that is fully backward compatible with existing ERP systems. Oh, and we take care of the training too.

So, let’s get started tomorrow — morning. Book a demo today.