How Much Time Will Recurrency Save You?


Tracking Down the Minutes

“If only there were more hours in the day.” Chances are, you’ve heard this phrase before. We all know how valuable time is, but do you ever wonder how it seems to disappear? A few minutes here or there shouldn’t matter much, but they do. Where do those minutes go and why do they matter so much?

When I was in high school, I had a math teacher who never let us out early. Upon hearing this news, she was met with a chorus of groans but once she explained her reasoning, it made sense. If she let us out three minutes early, every day, for a month, then she would have lost an hour of class time in total. That’s a whole class period down the drain for the month of September. What if she did that every day for an entire school year? Now, we’re losing several days of school. Those lost minutes, while seemingly insignificant, play a vital role over the course of a year.

This same mindset can be applied to your business. Time adds up and you need to be careful about what you’re spending it on. Now that we’ve tracked down the minutes, we understand that even a minute is precious. Lost time converts to lost revenue. That’s why Recurrency was designed to optimize tasks and cut software loading times. Let’s crunch the numbers and see just how much time Recurrency can save your business in a day.

One-Minute Quote

Depending on the person and the day, a salesperson might send out 10-15 quotes every day. Jumping from customer calls to inventory sheets to company price rules, there are a lot of tasks that go into producing a quote. Let’s say it takes around 15 minutes to make a quote and they are sending out 12 a day. If my math teacher taught me correctly, that means they are spending more than three hours a day making quotes. That’s a long time when there are customer emails awaiting responses answered and team meetings waiting to start.

What needs to happen is as plain as day. The salesperson’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system needs to pick up some of the slack and help speed the quote process along. There’s no reason why this task cannot be automated. But why hasn’t it?

Automation Saves Time

Legacy ERPs house data but don’t use it. The lack of innovation within ERPs is the root cause of the three lost hours (in many cases, even more). Recurrency’s quote flow was designed to be done in about one minute. Yes, one minute. Recurrency recognizes what data you need for a quote and pulls it up so you don’t have to. No math is needed here; if you’re sending 12 quotes a day, you’re only going to spend twelve minutes on making those quotes. That’s a difference of two hours and 48 minutes. What will you do with this newfound time? I bet there’s more on that to-do list of yours…

Even better than fast, Recurrency works well. Within that one-minute quote flow, you’ll get complex features like “Dynamic Pricing” and “Upsells”. These tools make sure that you are both increasing your profitability and protecting customer loyalty. Dynamic Pricing ensures that your prices stay relevant up against industry trends, shipping costs, margin targets, and a score of other factors you can read about here. Our “Upsells” feature steps in at the end to remind your customer what they are forgetting to buy. Based on your company’s own historical product knowledge, Recurrency gives you smart upsell recommendations that benefit both you and your customer.

Stress-Free Search

Any guesses on how many searches your sales team makes in a day? Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. There’s always something to check or a question to answer. The problem is that ERPs and clunky Excel sheets make searching for a piece of data an ordeal. Recurrency’s search feature saves more time in the day than is quantifiable (although we know it’s a lot!). With typo-tolerant, instant searching, and lightning-fast loading times, you’ll spend less time doing breathing exercises. See our typo-tolerant search function in action:


This was our first feature and you may find it’s your favorite. Our search feature radically improves the flow of your workday. Within a few days, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Yeah, we’re proud of this one.

Give Us a Call

If there’s a shortcut or workaround you need, let us know. We once helped a customer save hours in their day just by creating geographic filters for his inventory pages. What can we do for you? Integrating Recurrency takes less than forty-eight hours and we won’t disappear after that. Unusually good customer service is our standard here, and doing the right thing is our ethic. You know better than anyone where you’re losing time, and we know that we can help.

It’s not a question of IF Recurrency can save you time, but HOW MUCH. Truthfully, I stopped counting somewhere between one-minute quotes, intuitive searches, and unique customizations. Whatever the number, I think it’s safe to say that it’s big enough to impress even the toughest of critics — my math teacher. Book a demo today. There’s no time like the present.