Why the Supply Chain Crisis Doesn’t Stress Recurrency Users


It’s no secret that the supply chain is in shambles. Perhaps the reasons seem mysterious, though we outlined them here. In all events, the effects are front and center. Maybe one of your Christmas presents didn’t come in time, or your favorite coffee shop keeps running out of skim milk, or your car has been missing an important piece for months (you can read about that one here). Everyone is feeling slowed down by the supply chain and businesses are worried. Keeping products in stock is a top priority and customers start to notice which businesses can do that and which can’t. I know that a lot of your supply issues are out of your hands but not all your customers do. So, let’s put you back in the driver’s seat and figure out how to make the supply chain work for you, again. 

Recurrency is an automated platform for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It optimizes workflows, increases your profitability with artificial intelligence (AI), and keeps both your customers and employees stress-free. I know this seems like a tall order, but our dedicated engineers are no one to question. They’ve built an AI layer for your ERP that turns your legacy ERP system into an energy-saving Tesla. That’s why Recurrency users aren’t worried about the supply chain. They’ve got a self-driving car that can see through the thickest storm. 

Demand Forecasting

The supply chain issues are a nightmare for purchasers. Stock ordered in advance isn’t coming in time and stockouts seem inevitable. Demand Forecasting was made for this issue. AI watches your inventory and lets you know when and what to order. It also takes into account current shipping times, which protects against last-minute delays conflicting with customer orders. We don’t want you to miss any sales and we also want your purchasers to worry a little less. 

Dynamic Pricing

Just like how the supply chain has upended normal delivery times, it’s also caused pricing trends to resemble a rollercoaster. It’s hard to stay up to date on industry trends even in normal times. Recurrency’s Dynamic Pricing feature suggests relevant prices that follow global trends, your company’s pricing rules, and your customers’ ordering history. This way the price your sales team offers is calculated carefully without any time wasted. Oh wait, did I forget to mention quotes in Recurrency take one minute?

Customer Reorder Prediction

The businesses you are distributing to are also equally worried about the supply chain. With Recurrency, you can ease their stress. The Customer Reorder Prediction feature lets you know when your customers are likely to run out of their stock based on seasonality, their ordering cadence, and normal usage time. Give them a call and let them know it’s time to reorder that bulk order of plywood if they don’t want to be putting in rush orders in February. By the end of the call, you’ll be invited to their next family dinner. 


The odds are high that every time a sale is closed, your customer is forgetting to add something to their order. Through product knowledge and customer history, Recurrency knows what products your customer is likely to need based on the order at hand. Before a quote is finalized, Recurrency gives a list of recommended items with corresponding percent matches. If an item has a 98% match rate, your customer is probably going to order it within the week. Recurrency wants that sale to be yours.

Take a Different Route

Right now, the supply chain is like a clogged interstate. No one is moving and the music has gotten old. Take the next exit and plot a new course. Recurrency users are driving fast while answering customer calls. Don’t worry, their hands are free and their car knows where to go. 

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