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Recurrency for

Customer Service

Recurrency for Customer Service provides your team with streamlined, intelligent workflows that modernize your ERP processes and improve your customer experience.

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Automate Redundant Tasks and Increase Productivity

Instant Search

Locate any item, quote, order, or invoice in your ERP database while working directly with customers.

Optimized Workflows

Let Recurrency’s artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting. Replace manual tasks with automated processes.

Foster Customer Relations

Strengthen ongoing customer relationships and build loyalty by delivering exceptional service.


Ditch Your Cheat Sheets for Good

Lost time is lost revenue. With Recurrency’s Intelligent ERP Search, you can finally ditch your cheat sheets. The average Sales Rep saves up to five hours a week.


The Cost of Bad Search

A bad search result lost a wholesale distributor a $500 sale in less than a minute. When a customer called in to check if an item was available, the Customer Service Rep promptly entered the item, only to find no results in their ERP system. In turn, they referred the customer to a competitor. After syncing their ERP with Recurrency, the same Service Rep repeated the search and instantly found the item in question. Don’t let faulty ERP searches cost sales. Recurrency will ensure you never send customers to competitors unnecessarily again.


Speed Up Your Quote and Order Workflow

Generate quotes, orders, and invoices for your customers in less than 60 seconds. Without ever leaving the Recurrency platform, you can easily address customer inquiries about item availability and price or help resolve and close open quotes. Deliver unusually fast, excellent customer service with Recurrency.


Drive the Conversation

Finetune your inbound calls to produce results as lucrative as your outbound efforts. With improved search and streamlined workflows, you can retrieve customer data faster and view upsell recommendations to offer suggestions while on a call. Recurrency’s powerful insights — built directly into your workflow — allow you to drive every conversation, provide impeccable customer service, and close deals on the spot.


Retain Customers

Legacy ERPs fall short when it comes to customer care. With an ever-growing number of customers to take care of, it’s possible for one to fall through the cracks – but not with Recurrency. Our AI automatically notifies you when your existing customers are due to reorder. Grow both customer loyalty and revenue without breaking a sweat.


Locate Customer Records Faster

Locating customers is much faster with clean data. Our Prospect Dededuplication tool automatically flags a new entry if it already exists. Keep your customer pipeline accurate and never waste time scanning five versions of the same accounts again with Recurrency’s Prospect Deduplication.


A Single Source of Truth

Recurrency’s intuitive and simple workflows dissolve the frustrations of daily tasks. Our platform is designed to make your job easier. At the heart of customer service, we understand that improving your experience — improves theirs. Get up in running in less than one day.

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