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Inside Sales

Recurrency for Inside Sales utilizes artificial intelligence to help your sales reps improve customer retention, capture every opportunity, and drive organic revenue growth.

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Save Time and Grow Revenue with ERP Automation

Effortless Upsells

Easily add additional line items to quotes with AI-generated upsell recommendations.

Automated Reorders

Increase customer retention and convert one-time orders into subscriptions.

Deadstock Elimination

Use AI to identify customers with similar purchasing history to push slow-moving stock.


Ditch Your Cheat Sheets for Good

Lost time is lost revenue. With Recurrency’s Intelligent ERP Search, you can finally ditch your cheat sheets. The average Sales Rep saves up to five hours a week.


Search your entire ERP database in under one second to find customers, vendors, item numbers and more.


Find all your ERP data, even if you search with tpyos. (And yes, that typo was intentional.)


Streamline Quote & Order Entry

Recurrency’s end-to-end functionality allows you to generate quotes, orders, and invoices nearly four times as fast with fewer clicks and without ever having to leave the Recurrency platform. Get everything you need, all in one place.

No Re-keying

Recurrency auto-populates details when creating quotes.

Clean, Organized Data

Keep your pipeline clean with Prospect Deduplication.


Never Miss an Easy Sale

Capturing new customers is often more difficult than reselling to existing customers. To ensure your current customers never slip through the cracks, Recurrency notifies your Sales Reps when customers are due to order. Easily grow customer loyalty and revenue by converting one-time sales into subscriptions.


Increase Average Order Value

Recurrency’s artificial intelligence embeds upsell suggestions directly into your workflow. Our recommended items feature functions similarly to Amazon’s suggestions; items are recommended based on customer and product history. With spot-on item recommendations your customers actually want, you can easily boost your AOV — every order, every time.


Identify Missed Opportunities

Gain visibility across all managed customer locations with Recurrency’s Reporting Dashboard. Easily sort your data to identify top sales performers, missed opportunities or lost revenue. Once key insights have been established, create a plan of action and assign a task to your team.


Instantly Modernize Your ERP

Recurrency is designed to make your life easier. Our clean and intuitive dashboard requires no prior knowledge. With simple sign-on, sign-off software, you can dive in and get to work your first day using the platform.

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